Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Idea Inception

Intuitive_yin: So what's creativity again?

Logical_yang: Its ability to create something new.

Intuitive_yin: Something 'new' ?

Logical_yang: Yes, I mean something from the scratch, right from the bottom of it- the new idea.

Intuitive_yin: How can an idea be absolutely new?

Logical_yang: Why not? new ideas have ventured minds of great people all the time, that's how great inventions are made.

Intuitive_yin: But the idea, even the newest one is always inspired from external factors. Many times as apparent as just by an observation, Newton's Gravity for example was from an apple falling.

Logical_yang: Well, before Newton, people saw objects falling, nobody cared. But Newton evolved complete theory out of it.

Intuitive_yin: He sure did, nevertheless, falling apple was the inception of the idea. Without the observation of falling objects, he might have never did anything about gravity.

Logical_yang: Well, Kekule invented Benzene ring while day-dreaming? He has to be original.

Intuitive_yin: Dreaming is more like a thinking on a subconscious level, even that might have been inspired. Kekule day-dreamed about Snake biting its own tail. The Benzene ring idea in this case could have clearly been inspired from an external stimulus. He knew about snakes for sure, he knew that snakes bite things. What if snakes bites it own tail? thats not even a new idea. The symbol of Uroborus (snake biting its tail) is an ancient symbol depicting circularity or cyclacity of nature.

Logical_yang: Well, forget Kekule, what about guys who solved great mysteries of nature. How about Einstein?

Intuitive_yin: Well, he sure did some of the newest stuff of his times. But he was a problem solver. For a given exact problem, coming up with a solution is not exactly a new idea, is it? I mean even Einstein did not sit down at his study table saying "today I will think of some new idea" and came up with new theories.

Logical_yang: But, while solving problems, he has to come-up with new ideas. Else he would have stuck up at the same point like everyone else.

Intuitive_yin: New solutions or new ideas still have to "inspired" from somewhere. How can they suddenly appear in mind out of nowhere. There has to be an stimulus. He must have been imaginative enough to provoke an association of the problem to larger number of leading threads, which contributed to the solution of the problem. But those threads may still be coming from some sort of lead- a link derived from the problem itself. He was intelligent enough to figure out the correct association, hence the solution.

Logical_yang: What about painters, poets, sculptures, musicians, they create new artwork all the time. That definitely should count as new ideas.

Intuitive_yin: Art-work is clearly an expression of the already existing idea. Its an emotion by the artist expressed in the respective forms. The emotion, again is the consequence of external reflection on consciousness.

Logical_yang: I don't know, We should ask a psychologist may be.

Intuitive_yin: I am not sure even a psychologist can help here.

Logical_yang: Why not?

Intuitive_yin: Understanding the origin of idea at the level of consciousness utilizing the same faculty of consciousness, would be impossible. Its same old recursion- trying to see the map while being in the map, trying to sit on your own shoulders.

Logical_yang: I don't believe that Philosophical stuff, but if you believe that then why did you ask me about creativity in the first place?

Intuitive_yin: I was just messing around. Got to go .. bye.

Logical_yang: Crap....

PS- btw the idea of this post is inspired from the movie Inception :)


dream weaver said...

Hey , wat you are talking about is strikingly analogous to what is free-will , and does human being express free will

siddharth said...

shubh....good that u mentioned that u had an inspiration behind this post......otherwise i wud have been confused thinking the source of ur "creativity"

Shubhendu Bhardwaj said...

@ sid ..
It only proves Yin's point that all ideas are inspired :)

gowtham ghatke said...

Shubhendu, if not a new topic, this was a really interesting post, enjoyed reading it :)
What I feel is "NEW" in the sense,what ppl mean is " Till now the things which are not observed or made"
eg., heating water,mixing coffee seads and sugar is a new idea(concept) which is called coffee, now you cant argue that all the resources used were already there before, since we and things around us are part of universe, nothing in that sense is new :) :) ;)

-- by Gowtham Ghatke

Pavan said...

Hey Shubs, even I've been thinking about this for a long timeee :) In order to completely solve the problem, may be we need to go back to the beginning of the universe when nothing was there :P

And i felt you were partial to Yin in your arguements :)

Mimanshak said...

I really like the way u are always so clear about the two conflicting side of ur brain ( thought process) and u have a nice way of putting it in this blog.