Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The "enlightened" saint, the "about to die" junkie and the "nobel-winning" physicist.

This conversation is about present ways of science and what may have been wrong, before you judge me as a reactionary, please give a thought to this conversation…

Saint: So did you feel it?

Junkie: yeah, it was really different, everything around me changed.

Saint: So, we know the answer, but don't know the question?

Junkie: I guess.

Saint: So what did you feel?

Junkie: Well, 0.2 mg of LSD and I was high... It’s hard to explain, first the images started to blur, colours and shapes were suddenly more important than the spatial relationship and time. The time stopped flowing and there was a constant and perennial present rather than the future or past.
I could not agree or disagree to the feeling but it simply “was”, and there was no alternative. I was in a different world, it felt like I can see everything, moment by moment in its entirety. It was like a miracle.

Saint: All that is strikingly similar to the feeling that we have when we reach ultimate point in meditation. There is constant feeling of perennial happiness- as described by “sacchidanand” in Hindu myth and “Zen Koan” in Chinese.

Junkie: It seemed my blocked mind was suddenly open, and I could see the universe in entirety.

Saint: To enable us to live, the brain and nervous system eliminates unessential information from the totality. Psychedelics remove those restrictions; your feelings are justified.

Junkie: So taking psychedelics and being high is a shortcut to Nirvana?

Saint: May be, but shortcuts are not recommended (smiles). Meditation is the way where we achieve to remove those restrictions from mind by practising extreme control. It’s the tough way, but ensures that you‘ll live longer as compared to taking dopes (smiles).

Physicist enters. He had a bad day ... really pissed off…

Physicist: There are no constants in this universe. As soon as we start settling up with some thing, they will again come with some bull and cock theory... now they say that protons are made up of quarks. So there are further divisions… more subatomic particles… What a mess…
First Dalton said atom can not be divided, and then Rutherford came up with experiment showing divisions of atoms... fair enough… but now the developments of quarks suggests laws of conservation of mass will not hold anymore. I am done with physics.

Saint: I never agreed with the way in which the particle physics is going. They keep finding new rules. They are trying to understand the universe in framework which is just not correct. So every time some unexplained phenomenon occurs they change the entire framework to explain that… invent new dimensions to make the math work… And they call it revolution. Logic may not be the right way, may be physicist can use some intuition… (smile)

Physicist: You remind me of Chaos theory and fractals- another branch of physics and maths- really popular in some factions of research.

Saint: isn’t that about recursively detailed images?

Physicist: Yeah, patterns under patterns till infinity- The Koch curve, the Mandelbrot set, the Julia set… its all been well documented.

Junkie: hey... I see something similar when I am high.

Physicist: Really? What do you see?

Junkie: I see patterns… everything breaks down into infinite patterns. Similar shapes inside shapes extending to infinity till they are so small that I cant see them.

Physicist: That’s strange because fractals are mathematically defined shapes.

Saint: That’s the mistakes science is doing, trying to theorise everything and convert it into a logical consistency. But real world has no consistency, there are no constants. Trying to understand the universe based on the formulae is like saying that hey I am trying to find the exact perimeter of the Australia.

Physicist: What’s wrong with the perimeter of Australia, you can always measure the coastline.

Saint: …but not exact coastline, at max you can break into geometrical shapes and find the sum of all perimeter of all the shapes- line, arcs etc. But again when you magnify individual shapes ... more shapes will come.

Physicist: That’s where fractals come in picture, I guess.

Saint: That’s what I believe, Chaos is the real answer to the question and it’s not logic that tells me that but its the just ... intuition… I have experienced it one of my deep sittings.

Physicist: I don’t know… So now even a junkie is more learned than me because he can “see” the “reality” of universe when he is high, because he can see fractals. Phewww….

Junkie: Told you … you gotta try drugs (smiles).

Saint: I guess we have the question, that we had answer for.

Junkie: You are right… understanding universe.

Saint: Yeah, its about everything, question is what is the truth, what is this universe, do we even need to understand it, what if we found the real answer, then what?

Physicist: Then what? You mean what if find we find the reality of this universe? Are you crazy? That has been the aim of particle physics ever since the science started. That will change everything.

Saint: Greatest of saints have already been there, the ultimate reality of the universe, the nature of the things from their root. Hindu and Chinese philosophy is full of such experiences.

Physicist: Well, can you explain that ultimate experience and their vision of universe to me?

Saint: But it’s not the nature of the things that these things can be explained. As chinese says-“One who knows cannot speak, and one who speaks does not know.”

Physicist: It’s a nice trick; you are skipping the most important part and claiming that you know it.

Saint: (smiles) Well, suppose I “explain” a joke to you, will you laugh? You will not. You have to listen and understand it for yourself, then and only then you will have a natural laughter. You listen to it, and then in a flash it makes sense and then that sudden moment of “enlightenment” will make you laugh. It’s the same thing with Nirvana, it cannot be explained, it has to be felt and experienced by your own. No-one can tell you the true nature of universe; you have to experience it on your own.

Saint pauses… and continues...

Well in today’s world people want to understand the true nature of universe, because they want nobel prizes, its career to them. Sadly, it doesn’t work like that even if CERN proves Higgs or disproves Higgs it doesn’t matter, because just as this discovery will change present rules and standards after 100 years new theories will come, new framework will be developed, more surprises with no guarantee of true
“formula” for universe.

Physicist: I guess, I am not getting novel prize… Am I ? (smiles)

Saint and junkie: yeah I guess…

Physicist: Nevertheless… (smiles) got to make it in lab 8:00 AM sharp bye …

Friday, March 12, 2010

the eyes...
they say is a mirror...
even a briefest of its contact will lure secrets of her mind...

so I looked and looked again ...

there it was... the look in the eyes which could make one dead...

or alive in completeness...

and just when I thought I read them correct...

it failed me ...

or she failed herself ...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I chose to ...

Just listen to it again .. smith has a point...

Smith: why Mr Anderson why why why ??
why do you do it?
why ? why get up ?
why keep fighting?
do you believe you are fighting for something ? for more than your survival ?
can you tell me what it is ? do you even know?
is it freedom or truth ? perhaps peace ? could it be love ?
Illusions Mr Anderson , vagaries of perception, temporary constructs of feeble human intellect...

trying desperatly to justify an existance or purpose !
all of them is artificial as the matrix itself...
although only human mind can could invent something as insipid as love.

you must be able to see it Mr Anderson , you must know it by now.
You cant win its pointless to keep fighting.

why Mr Anderson why ? !!! why do you persists ??!!

Neo: because I chose to

Sunday, February 7, 2010

How do we look at universe?

Mechanistic view of life, pioneered by Aristotle and then Newton, pointed out that - we (the observer) and the universe (the object ) are two different entities and we have to look at universe the right way to understand it ...

Hindu and Chinese mysticism has always believed in unification of life and universe and the observer decides the nature of universe...

it brings us back to real question

Is universe an absolute truth waiting for us to discover it ??
Its just a dynamic perception which changes with observer ?