Sunday, June 28, 2009

God Talks

Me: Hey wassup ??
God: Its going good. What's up with you?

Me: Umm , its good , but lot of things troubling me lately.
God: OK .

Me: I have been wondering if you are real .
God: (laughs) What do you think?

Me: Sometimes I feel very strong presence of you around me, but mostly I think you are not real.
God: So you talking with Unreal entity now.. right? (smiles) . OK when do you feel my presence ?

Me: I don't know, but sometimes when I am truly inspired. Sometimes when I feel passionate, I think you around that time.
But I see people having so firm believe on you. That's what amazes me. may be because I believe too much in science and logic stuff that's why its hard for me to have faith.
So are you there??

God: I exist when people believe me to exist.
I don't exist for non- believers.
and Faith has nothing to do with science and logic.
Its just next step of learning.
Learning that not everything can be learned.
Human mind can think (act of belief/faith) and can unconsciously do things and produce results, which they refer as gods grace.
Assuming my presence they pray, they believe I am real and I am with them this gives them energy to do their job with ever more effort.
Hence they get better results (because of their actions only, not because of me).
People see it as "I prayed to god and I succeeded" and hence people think I exist.
But faith is the key. if no faith- no effort in actions and no good results.
So- I exist when people believe me to exist, for others I am unreal.

Me: But there are number of people who succeed in their lives, but they are non believers.
God: Its about point of view.
Successful people believe in their ideas and they are passionate about their beliefs
They are successful because they believe in themselves.
U can say that Faith is ME.
I am the guitar of Jimmy Hendrix.
I am the brush of Picasso.
I was in the organ of Ray Manzarek.
Michael Jackson felt me, when he sung and danced.
I am passion.
These people may be non- believers in worlds eyes, but they were BELIEVER of their ideas.
They are believers.

Me: That reminds me - are you are omnipresent?
God: Yes, I am everywhere.

Me: Why doesn't anyone see you?
God: People don't look properly.
When you work with passion -- that pleasant excitement of of work is ME.
You can feel me in all actions if that action is deepest desire of your heart.
As I said - Michael Jackson felt me, when he sung and danced.

Worship is not always about coming to temple and pray.
Its about your commitment to what you do.

God: So finally?
Me: Do your job best, and no job can be done best with intention of result.
As they say - No flight can be higher than the one which knows not where it is flying.
So act and do best, when you are really there... you will feel me.