Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Patchwork of Co-Survival

This blog may sound like another trite article on individualism among the thousands of entries on the internet, but it hardly matters to me what it sounds like. The object of this blog has is to tell people about my ideas, irrespective of any extant theory which somebody may try to associate it to. This blog is a selfish act of putting up my ideas as a pure non-fiction hard truth and has no concern for the people who read them.

We have developed a whole society around us and the this society teaches us the rules to live in it. To help each other, to do charity for the people around us and blah-blah... are the key concepts on which the whole thing is working -its like the weak people should get what they need. So called "weakness" of the man is the biggest mistake man has ever made. How can a man be weak when he actually wants to be strong? ya he can be weak because the society around him gives him opportunity to be weak.

This whole thing is concept given by the mediocre people in the society, those who don't have any faith in their own integrity rather have more belief on what people are already doing. People who don't know how to make their own path-the tough way doing things, rather they believe in following the other people - The Crowd. Yes the same crowd around us all which doesn't have any fixed principles, rather a crude set of instructions that defies the basic instinct of the man - the freedom, the strength. The so called "social-morals" which change at every turn of life. A patchwork of co-survival, a reason to be weak and dependent on others.

Dependence - the "solution" of all problems, "peaceful coexistence" - in which man looses his identity. What matters now is how people think about him, how is he more good to the society and how well he makes interaction with the people around him. The ego and the self esteem, the primary ids of the man are lost. The intensity within the man himself is lost because, the things like ego and self esteem are no good to society of dependent people as they cannot survive without these "social-morals " - a reason to b weak.

Its been long in the search of the aim of life or, more precisely, purpose of the life and now it seems that its getting more and more distinct that more or less life is for ones own-self, for the ones own happiness and for ones own actions that give him feeling of accomplishment.

The ultimate truth of life is the self- there has to be an "i" in "happiness".