Thursday, April 23, 2009

Think about it ... or just leave it...

I just keep wondering , thinking if it is OK to "think" or not. I mean there can be two ways of living - think hard about everything and try to bring out perfection in your actions and other is keep doing things and worry about nothing- after all life is to live HAPPILY not necessarily THINKINGLY . I know I am being too presumptuous trying to quantize this living thing into two discrete levels- THINKNG and NOT THINKING which is not much that way practically- generally things are somewhere between these two levels, but still somewhere in mind it seems better to decide upon the standerds (which are usually rigid and discrete) so that we can at least try to achieve one of these levels and thereby and feel satisfied about our actions.

QM: Questioning me, JM: Justifying me

QM: So, why to think?
JM: If I have a mind I will think, cant help it.

QM: What about everything I think that has nothing to do with any practical results?
JM: Well practical results are nothing but conception of your own thought- Same result of an action may be considered good or bad depending upon the way I or some else thinks. So if I think by my thinkng standerds then every thought process has effctive practical meaning.
QM: Questioning me, JM: Justifying me

QM: So, I think hard because my actions need to be more thoughtfull and should have more meaning to ME . Is it ?
JM: Yes.

QM: So that means, its  individual effort by the individual and for the individual.
JM: Yes something like that. if you want more meaning to your actions you may be more thoughtful. But that will help you only not for anyon else- since your standerds of actions (expectations of actions) are high u need to think more- Its all about personal satisfaction.

QM: I guess thats rite. (only for now, I 'll come back with something else again :))
JM: Me too.


Abhishek Seth said...

Excellent block, good and meaningful thoughts, convincing and varied language. But you are concerned more about individuals. To think or not to think, I think somewhat depends on how much you can afford to think (or not to think). 100% efficient engines are theoritical concepts which you can always develop but hard to realize. Its good to think about making things perfect but more important is how much improvemnt you can actually bring in.

Shubhendu Bhardwaj said...

I agree abhishek and when I say "...but still somewhere in mind it seems better to decide upon the standerds (which are usually rigid and discrete) so that we can at least try to achieve one of these levels and thereby and feel satisfied about our actions." before the conversation I guess I mean that only. Its good to have standerds because then only we improve...

Vikas Chandra said...

Now here is the wat went in my head after the blog.

QM:Did you really understand this?
JM: Ya, a bit

QM: Do you think?
JM: No

QM: Why?
JM: I never thought why should I.

QM: What do you think of this post?
JM: Comes from a thinking brain. Some really nice thoughts in it. Like after all life is to live HAPPILY not necessarily THINKINGLY.

QM: Wats after this?
JM: I will try thinking...

Shubhendu Bhardwaj said...

Vikas, cant help but say hats off to ur comment...

too many questions ...too few answers said...

ideals are discrete. :P

nP said...

When you think a lot, it turns out to be a pain in the arse.

My Personal opinion:
If someone doesn't think at all - he should rather play poker than wasting a life.
If someone thinks a lot - There'll be little room left for life itself.

Balance is the key, life is the word.

btw, i'm still trying to figure out if thought process takes furious productive turns while shitting :)

Shubhendu Bhardwaj said...

TRUE, Balance is the key...
but as soon as I say I want balance, I start being lousy at evrything (Matiauu :) ). I THINK (:)) that balance nevertheless needed, should be NOT driven/forced by us, rather achieved automatically as we try to achieve both aforementioned aspects- thinking and not thinking.

Anyways I agree with "extensive shitting time thinking produtivity". May be its because we feel totaly at ease at that time. :)

venkata raghavan said...

Firstly , THINKINGLY is not a word and even if u made it up it doesn't sound nice .There is already a word called thoughtfully which would have done the job.
Next , if I understand this post (which takes a lot) your actions are more thoughtful or atleast you try to put in more thought into your actions there by making them more deep (as in meaningful)and not just beat around the bush/ rat-race kind of stuff.
That is good .
When you are sixty years old turn back to this page and check if your life indeed as been this way or if you were just carried away by(or because of) the tide of life (around you).
Lastly , I would like to tell you that I came up with all my acts in the toilets of sapphire or topaz . So I can confirm that thinking makes exponential leaps in the toilet .I will also add that I hate wet toilets.

Shubhendu Bhardwaj said...

point noted about thinkingly thing. But the meaning I wanted to convey by THINKINGLY is quite diff from thoughtfully.